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We love our food and we love to share new and exciting recipes with you, so that's why we have teamed up with other fabulous caterers, chefs and food enthusiasts to bring you a wider range of delicious recipes for you to try at home. Simply click on each food editor to view their recipes

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Leigh Daley

Florist and Co-Founder of Magnificent Marrow, Leigh is a huge foodie, who loves experimenting and showing off his culinary skills in the kitchen using all our fresh, natural and amazing produce.

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Dani May-McCallum

Food editor, caterer and food stylist Dani (aka The Curated Kitchen) is a lifelong foodie with a passion for creating home cooked food that delivers on taste and style.

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Patrick Rock Smith

Patrick Rock Smith is a reputable 'London foodie' social media account. A passion for food, social media and photography.

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Clare Shaddick

Clare is a keen, self taught cook with a huge passion for food. Clare is currently undertaking qualifications in confectionery and patisserie and loves experimenting and letting her creative juices flow with all the incredible Magnificent Marrow produce available.

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Sourdough Loaf

Why Clare chose the Sourdough loaf...

"Having made my own sourdough during lockdown and attempting to nurture a starter I have grown an appreciation for Sourdough bread & a preference to eating a bread which is made from a fermented starter - its easily a 48 hour making process, from starting to feed the starter to being ready to bake your loaf & scoring the top is a challenge for me every time! Now I’m working @ The MM Shop no one needed to twist my arm to buy our organic beauties - they are so tasty whether I’m having tomatoes on toast, a ploughman’s sarnie or dipping into a melted Camembert!"

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