Garlic and Sage Iberico Loin Chops

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Garlic and Sage Iberico Loin Chops

Servings: 2


  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Cook Time: 40 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hours 0 mins


  • 2 Iberico Pata Negra Loin chops⁠
  • 4 French pink garlic cloves
  • Sage
  • Butter⁠
  • Chorizo Hoop Hot or Spicy Ndjua, chopped⁠
  • 1 Unwaxed Lemon zest and juice
  • Cavolo Nero
  • A handful of Salted Catalan Almonds, crushed⁠
  • Olive oil⁠
  • Mash potato squash ⁠⠀
  • Instructions

    1. Season chops with salt and pepper and olive oil. Grill the chops for 4 mins on each side getting the fat nice and crisp. Once cooked wrap in foil and set to one side.
    2. Chop the mash potato squash in half and de seed sprinkle with salt and pepper and a tablespoon of oil. Bake for 25 - 30 mins at 180C.
    3. In a hot skillet pan add two tbps of olive oil. Take out the bitter stalks from the Cavolo Nero and soak in water, dry and chop into pieces and add to the hot oil and season. Chop and add your spicy sausage to the pan and cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally.
    4. Once the chorizo / nduja has gone crispy and the cavolo nero has reduced, simmer for a couple more minutes on a medium heat (so as to not let the garlic burn ) add a couple of chopped cloves now with a minute to go so it’s cooked but not burnt - season again and add a good zest and half the juice from one unwaxed lemon and a handful of the crushed almonds.⁠⠀
    5. Melt 25 grams of butter in a pan with 2 cloves of garlic (whole) - add the sage let it sizzle and crisp - add the chops and the juice from the foil - coat the chops for 1 minute with the butter. I like to remove the garlic at this point, mince and then return to my butter.⁠
    6. Once the squash is cooked it will then peel away from the skin and have the consistency of mash potato, season.
    7. Serve the chops with a good splash of the garlicy butter and sage, on a bed of the cavolo nero and a good dollop of the mash potato squash