Melting Chocolate Pudding - NOT AVAILABLE FOR NATIONWIDE

0.335 kg

with raspberries & sea salt

An irresistibly indulgent chocolate and raspberry pudding with a layer of gooey chocolate sauce, a hint of sea salt and a scattering of crunchy cocoa nibs.

2 portions


Ingredients, allergens & quid

Milk Chocolate [MILK, SOYBEANS] (7.6%), Dark Chocolate [MILK, NUTS including PEANUTS, SOYBEANS] (4.6%), Raspberries (11.9%), Ground Dark Chocolate [Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder, MILK], Caster Sugar, Plain Flour [WHEAT], Cocoa Powder, Cornflour, Baking Powder [GLUTEN], EGG, MILK, Grue de Cacao Nibs, Rapeseed Oil, Salt