Our First Year In Pictures

Our First Year In Pictures

For us it has been a whirlwind of a year and it’s not until we took a moment to look back, scrolling through photos, that we realised how far we have come. So, as we celebrate our first birthday we thought we would share just some of the highlights of the last 12 months, which have been fuelled mostly by coffee, doughnuts and power naps!

Emma Soulsby & Leigh Dale Co Founders of Magnificent Marrow


It all started on a forecourt of one of Leigh’s contacts at the fruit market. We packed the boxes out the back of our van and delivered them ourselves. 

 We had 20 orders the first day and Emma delivered them all herself, after being up all night writing her delivery notes because we couldn’t get printer ink due to lockdown. These were our first two boxes that we delivered…    

Magnificent Marrow

When we launched we only offered three types of boxes - fruit box, veg box and a salad box. Although we always knew from the start we wanted to expand our offering, I am not sure any of us ever imagined all the amazing produce that we now offer. We have spent many an early morning searching the market for new and unusual produce that we know our customers will love. 

In May we moved into our very own warehouse and to have a Magnificent Marrow HQ with our name above the door was truly an exciting day and a real turning point. It was an important step in being able to grow our offerings for our customers, as well as having somewhere warm to work from instead of early mornings working out of a van.

Starting a business is always scary - and add a global pandemic into the mix makes it pretty terrifying - but perhaps one of the bonus of having to get up in the early hours and working every day is the fact that we have been too tired to listen to the fear! The idea to launch a pop up Saturday market came from Emma and when once she has an idea in her head it has to happen right away... So, a week later we launched our Magnificent Marrow Pop Up Market outside the front of our HQ. We had know idea it would be the catalyst to us opening our first shop. 

Our shop in Raynes Park, South London wasn’t much when we first got the keys but we soon turned it into a little gem and a place where we have been able to grow our team. We have loved getting to know all the local residents and gaining regular customers. 

In the last year we have collaborated with some amazing creative people who have conjured up recipes to inspire our followers and us! From our Food Editor Dani, who creates delicious dishes on a regular basis to londonfoodboy, whose beautiful photography of his dishes inspire us to get cooking as soon as the images hit our inbox. It is a real pleasure to see our produce come to life. 


There has been so much more happen then these handful of pictures show and although there have been many standout moments for us, what has really been the thing that has inspired us and kept us going, have been the people we have met this year. From our new team members, to the amazing support we have received from our followers, to our suppliers and of course our customers, who are the reason Magnificent Marrow has made it to its first birthday - thank you to everyone! 

Proof that this year has been fuelled by coffee, doughnuts and power naps in random places!