... Luce Hosier founder of @whatluceeats, food photographer and plant-based recipe developer

... Luce Hosier founder of @whatluceeats, food photographer and plant-based recipe developer

Converting to a plant-based diet due to digestive issues was the catalyst for Luce Hosier to not only change the way she ate, but also completely change her lifestyle. Working as an Insurance Broker, Luce gave up her 9-5 job to become a food photographer and recipe developer, after she was inspired by the experimenting she was forced to do in her kitchen while looking for new tasty plant-based meals. She now works freelance with a range of clients including Sainsbury’s, and can be found sharing her own recipes on her successful Instagram account @whatluceeats. Luce shares little insights into being a food stylist and photographer, as well as life with her sausage dog, Banger, however the main aim of WhatLuceEats is to showcase recipes that prove that a plant-based diet is not flavourless but in fact, it’s full of variety and delicious dishes. 

Although her reasons for such a lifestyle shift started off purely due to doctor's orders, Luce soon realised the impact eating meat and dairy had on the plant and animal welfare and believes that she would have definitely transitioned at some point even if she hadn’t struggled with the health problems. Taking a moment away from the kitchen, Luce sits down with us to discuss how her plant-based diet has helped to reduce her food waste, what her top tips are for limiting food waste and reveals why @thefoodmedic recipe for sweet potato falafels and chickpea blondies is so special to her. 



Before I transitioned to a plant-based diet I struggled with some digestive issues. Initially my doctor thought it was an intolerance to gluten as my mum is a coeliac, but after lots of tests that showed I wasn’t intolerant to anything he advised me to try and cut out meat and dairy for a week, and see if it made a difference. I went cold turkey (pardon the pun) overnight and haven’t looked back over three years later. 


Before changing my diet I didn’t cook much, but once I had to learn how to cook plant-based meals I realised how therapeutic cooking and baking was. It’s a great way to switch off from the world and a good outlet for creativity. I love cooking and baking for guests especially when their reaction is something along the lines of “I’d never guess this was vegan”.


When I create my own recipes I try to think outside the box with new flavour combinations or use random plant-based ingredients to replicate non vegan foods. Most recipes result in being tested twice before styling and shooting.



People often have so many misconceptions about a plant-based diet. The most common is that the majority of the foods are tasteless and that you don’t get enough protein which just makes me roll my eyes! 


I have definitely reduced the amount of food that I waste since adopting a plant-based diet. You’ll be surprised at how much of a vegetable you can cook and eat (usually 99% of it). For example roasting the leaves of a cauliflower in some olive oil is the perfect way to use the whole vegetable. 


There are many ways to reduce your food waste but my top three tips are… Plan your meals for the week. Utilise every cm of freezer space. Get a couple of greedy sausage dogs that’ll hoover up anything in sight!


I love it when a client gives me freedom to create whatever I want, which quite a few of my monthly clients allow. I’m currently working with Alice Liveing who is bringing out an app in June. She has developed some absolutely gorgeous recipes and I have had the pleasure of making them look pretty, shooting them and most importantly eating them all.



My career highlight is working with Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic) for the past two and half years. She is a gem!


When it comes to staying in or going out for dinner I love a mixture of both. A fave is ordering food to eat at home. I am a massive introvert and love a cosy night in.


The first plant-based dish I learned to cook was one of Hazel Wallace’s recipes. I bought one of Hazel’s cookbooks and remember being obsessed with her sweet potato falafels and chickpea blondies.


For me, my most memorable meal was my Nan and Grandad’s roast dinner. Mainly because of the veg that had been boiled until mushy - haha!


It’s a tough one but if I could only pick one of my recipes to eat forever it would have to be a dessert, I have a massive sweet tooth. I think it would have to be the peanut butter cream ‘cheese’ tart I made for Sainsbury’s.


My go-to comfort dish is a one pot pasta dish using up everything that needs eating in the fridge. One pot means that the pasta can really absorb the liquid and flavours from everything else - it’s divine!


My favourite dining companion is my partner Tom. I’ve converted him from eating chicken, rice and veg twice a day to a mainly plant-based diet.


I’m a massive lightweight and have never been much of a drinker. But Vodka Cranberry is probably a popular choice of mine mainly as you can’t taste the alcohol. Or fizz!


I love experimenting with ways to cook vegetables. Probably my favourite veg is either red onion or red cabbage slow roasted with lots of extra virgin olive oil and salt.



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